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  • Boy Scouts of America

    As part of its 100 year anniversary, the Boy Scouts of America embarked on a cross-country journey (officially called “Adventure Base 100”) to promote not only its history, but vision for the group. To help promote this future-facing perspective, I collaborated with team members to bring two of the Scout’s time-honored traditions – the pinewood derby and merit badges – into the digital age.

    Reaching over 40 major markets during its journey, two separate applications were housed in a traveling exhibit as part of the overall 10,000-square-foot interactive campus. As creative lead, I…

    strategized and storyboarded game flow both from an experience and technical development point of view
    researched and utilized both questions and design factors used to build the cars and play the game
    collaborated with Scout historians to ensure accuracy and inclusion regarding merit badge storytelling
    and worked to integrate card readers to easily initiate and log scores for game players
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

    To augment one of it’s premiere exhibitions of the year (“Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting”), the Met wanted to provide visitors with a fully immersive experience that went beyond the traditional audio walking tours. With that objective in mind, I collaborated directly with the curator to strategize and provide options that leveraged technology aimed at engaging people both before and during a visit.

    As a result, my work focused on 3 areas – the website, an on-site kiosk as well as portable tablets used by visitors at the exhibition. In the end, the items I designed and produced included…

    a video overview using time-period sketches and curator voiceover
    a scrollable 360-view of the Prado from the 1800’s using multiple images never merged before
    a drag-and-drop virtual gallery to selectively compare paintings from any part of the exhibit
    a database-driven timeline and map that traced artist stories and journeys over time
    and an interactive floorplan that linked wireless access points (WAPs) with tablets to help visitors navigate and learn more about paintings based on proximity
  • National Football League (NFL)

    Already the industry standard when it comes to competition within the sport, the National Football League was looking to strengthen its online presence and promote its brand beyond a basic news site. To achieve this, I worked directly with top executives and industry influencers to assess expectations and find opportunities to differentiate their site.

    As part of the brand visioning, I….

    conducted preliminary competitive analysis with both direct and tangential companies (ie., ESPN, MLB, etc)
    designed and developed several options based on visual tones (media-rich, story-focused, people-based)
    ran workshops to further develop themes and collect feedback
    and led efforts to place more focus on elements that promote user engagement – such as video (NFL Network), e-commerce (NFL Shop), community building (Fantasy Football), as well as a live interactive game-tracker
  • Tiger Woods Learning Center

    Driven by it’s ongoing objective to promote STEM education (an interdisciplinary approach to learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the Tiger Woods Learning Center* was looking for a unique way of convincing children that learning can be fun. So as part of its newly launched website, I collaborated with team members to develop an online game to be featured on its homepage – where users are able to design their own golf clubs while also learning how physics can maximize their driving distance.

    During design and development, I…

    consulted with a physics professor to incorporate scientific formulas and definitions
    worked with EA Sports to integrate both existing and customized animations including Tiger Woods and a virtual caddy
    collaborated with client marketing to ensure proper representation of company branding
    and developed an online leaderboard and social sharing system to promote on-going interaction
    *now known as the TGR Learning Lab, a program within the Tiger Woods Foundation
  • Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

    Known for providing an immersive and unique venue for the performing arts, Wolf Trap was exploring several ways of capturing and showcasing its programs for visitors on-site. With venues and activities spanning over 117 acres, the objective was to provide multiple areas where visitors could get virtual “peeks” into activities that otherwise were significantly spread out. For my part, I helped develop interactive kiosks that leveraged video, music and narrative stories to both inform and entice users.

    As creative lead, I…

    worked closely with both the arts and technology teams to design a cohesive experience
    collaborated with content experts to organize information, provide intuitive navigation and build a compelling storyline
    designed a template-driven theme that could be updated according to seasonal requirements
    and implemented a data-driven calendar that could be easily updated remotely by Wolf Trap employees
  • McGraw-Hill Companies

    Having an extensive and varied network of companies within its parent brand, McGraw-Hill Companies was looking to build a more connected online presence that provided an easy way to navigate its resources. To best accomplish this, I worked closely with owners of the primary corporate site in order to set a design vision and establish a preliminary roadmap of how to best leverage it with its family of brands.

    Over the course of design and development, I….

    led design workshops to gather stakeholder expectations and build a “company persona”
    worked directly with department leads including Careers, Community Outreach and Investor Relations to gain buy-in and support
    recommended and implemented multimedia features not utilized by McGraw-Hill’s website prior (such as online video testimonials, database-driven content, etc)
    and helped guide further development of the brand with business leads from subsidiary companies including McGraw-Hill Education, BusinessWeek and Standard & Poor’s
  • Disney

    In the spirit of Disney’s concept of Imagineering (implementing creative ideas into practical form), Disney was looking to provide an activity for a corporate event that integrated technology with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. To extend the film experience, I developed interactive applications using the visual backdrop and stories from the movies to engage both invited guests and their families.

    Having full creative reign over development, I…

    worked with Disney creatives to acquire relevant design artifacts and style guides
    developed technical and visual framework for two separate applications (Pirate Chase and Fool’s Gold)
    researched and integrated material into the overall experience
    and built backend features including randomizers, scorekeeping, timers, and printing of certificates for high score players
  • Chicago Triathlon

    As part of its sponsorship of the Chicago Triathlon, Accenture was looking to create a seamless experience for its athlete alert system being used for three major competitions that year. Working with the technology to provide notifications of a participant’s progress, I designed the interfaces to easily relay information and help spectators experience the race from a different perspective.

    With the objective of making the technology more useful and less obtrusive, I…

    developed simple-to-use single-page registration that was leveraged across all races
    designed color-coded maps that tracked athlete location and time by segment (swim, bike, run)
    created visualizations for athlete statistics that provided quick comparative and trend analysis
    and provided inline video players that enabled users to view both individual finish line snippets as well as live streaming video