Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America

As part of its 100 year anniversary, the Boy Scouts of America embarked on a cross-country journey (officially called “Adventure Base 100”) to promote not only its history, but vision for the group. To help promote this future-facing perspective, I collaborated with team members to bring two of the Scout’s time-honored traditions – the pinewood derby and merit badges – into the digital age.

Reaching over 40 major markets during its journey, two separate applications were housed in a traveling exhibit as part of the overall 10,000-square-foot interactive campus. As creative lead, I…

strategized and storyboarded game flow both from an experience and technical development point of view
researched and utilized both questions and design factors used to build the cars and play the game
collaborated with Scout historians to ensure accuracy and inclusion regarding merit badge storytelling
and worked to integrate card readers to easily initiate and log scores for game players

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