Metropolitan Museum of Art

To augment one of it’s premiere exhibitions of the year (“Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting”), the Met wanted to provide visitors with a fully immersive experience that went beyond the traditional audio walking tours. With that objective in mind, I collaborated directly with the curator to strategize and provide options that leveraged technology aimed at engaging people both before and during a visit.

As a result, my work focused on 3 areas – the website, an on-site kiosk as well as portable tablets used by visitors at the exhibition. In the end, the items I designed and produced included…

a video overview using time-period sketches and curator voiceover
a scrollable 360-view of the Prado from the 1800’s using multiple images never merged before
a drag-and-drop virtual gallery to selectively compare paintings from any part of the exhibit
a database-driven timeline and map that traced artist stories and journeys over time
and an interactive floorplan that linked wireless access points (WAPs) with tablets to help visitors navigate and learn more about paintings based on proximity

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